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A strong, fanatical look at the world of comic book movies and of course, all things nerdy and sci-fi, with the sources of insider knowledge and the drunk whimsy of a drunk, Irish redneck!

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Colby Sapp

Colby Sapp
Searching the internet for stories is kinda Colby’s thing. Validating those stories via sources is also his thing when it comes to everthing comicbook related. Keep up to date with every truly potential insider tidbit surrounding comicbook movies with his solo podcast, The Mystery Shotgun. Comicbook nerd since he could read. You’ll find out what should and could happen with the MCU and DCEU.

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Ep06: WandaVision | Spiderman and Fantastic Four Rapidfire! #SpiderMan #FantasticFour #MarvelStudios #Marvel #Wolverine

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2/8/2020 – Ep06: WandaVision | Spiderman and Fantastic Four Rapidfire!

12/23/2020 – The Mandalorian Season 2 is DONE!

12/7/2020 – Spidey News Galore!

10/28/2020 – That’s Too Many Spider-Mans And Updates On The Moon Knight and The DCEU

09/03/2020 – Processing the death of Chadwick Boseman and speculating on what comes next, and other comic book meanderings…

8/26/2020 – Colby Sapp runs through and reviews the new DC trailers, and offers his general ramblings about comic books in general. From his car!

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