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I think you guys should talk to a dinosaur expert that loves kiddy litter AD Strava Ganzer

Cancer for the soul!

This show is More fun than a possum chewing on a dirty needle. The newest episode changed my life. I’ll tell you how right after these messages!

Great show

Really fun show with great takes!



Bring back Fight Nanny

Hi Mommy thanks Jeans

Great Podcast!

Strong sports opinions and slurred speech are not the only thing that makes this podcast great! The hosts are unapologetically raw and hilarious, leaving you on the edge of your seat. You almost forget you’re listening to a sports podcast, but then they loop you back in with interesting dialogue, s…

Picking on Sam

It’s funny when teeb and Johnny pick on Sam.


Just here for zumock, was hoping him and San were gonna make up on this so :(

Yes. Just yes

The best sports podcast ever

One of the best Sports Podcast Ever, if not the best.

I just met the man who runs the podcast at Barrels and Bones. Very nice guy and very funny as a straight man, his bald head and S’cute beard got me a little excited......... what?! Anyways, listened to a few episodes and it’s awesome! They know sports and all the great guy stuff. Glad I met him…

No babysitter

Sam you don’t need a babysitter real men raise there own kids

All Hail

The last Ronin

My Wednesday treat!

Saw these guys live & I’m hooked! Great podcast, great team!!!

5 stars but

I love you guys but please quit letting sam ear rape us with his babies

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the work on the cast!

Love it

Great podcast. I would stick my dick in it.


I think you guys should talk to a dinosaur expert that loves kiddy litter

This show is great!

This podcast is so much fun to listen to! The hosts are hilarious and the topics are always entertaining. Sports and comedy come together perfectly on this show😆👏🏻


Enjoy listening! Keep up the good work. Not the biggest fan of Tanto, but love the rest

Almost 5 stars

Love the podcast. I’ll give a 5th star once Sam is replacesd.


Love the podcast!!!


I’ll give 5 stars when I get to see Sam and Ari slap fight for 3 minutes until they’re both exhausted and beat red.

😆 Funny

A funny show for any sports fan wanting to kick back get some value and also laugh. Keep up the good work guys.

Sports And Humor!

If you are a sports fan and you are looking for a podcast that delivers on value while keeping it raw, real and hilarious...this show is for you.

From: Pretty Gang Radio

This is a very great podcast for sports heads with a bit of laughter too.


The best episodes are when cokehead Sam isn’t there. Gimmie Teeb Johnny and fight nanny all day

Funny and entertaining.

A lot of sports shows are straight sports and boring as hell. These guys know their stuff and present it in an entertaining and someties drunken way. So many sports topics and so many beers. They seem to enjoy their Miller Lite!

Ether without Sam

Sam kinda is annoying

Thibault is sneaky comedy gold

Goddamn thibs makes me laugh hard every episode with his “out there” one liners and tangents. Just enough sports coverage to still be a sports podcast.

No Sam?

No Sam for Episode 346= Best Episode of All Time

Bring back chad

You guys need to bring chad back....even tho he was always on the penalty was funny every time..



No more Johnny

Johnny needs to work the board, less talking would be great. I deleted this ep

Not what it used to be

Great when Ari is present and engaged. Jayson has been getting less and less funny and Sammy never was funny. I love when he thinks he’s been disrespected and storms off the show though,

Where winners win!

The best podcast to date. If you like sports, this is a must.

It’s good

Scruff mcgruff Chicago Illinois 60652?

Sam's coke rages

Sam, put the powder down. It seriously affects the quality of your podcasts. It's also sad that you claim soberity

Top 10 Podcasts ever

I’d like to volunteer as being the official un official Punch Drunk corespondent from Spokane WA


I love the banter and coverage on more than just the NBA and NFL


Absolutely hilarious


SPORTSBAN - enough said. 5 stars!

Love Me Some Punch Drunk

Well done podcast! Makes my commute not feel like a commute!

Funny dopeness

Love it Tripoli FTW - Nathaniel aka RaiderNate


The most informative sports podcast on the planet. NBA trade talk and Ari’s taint talk.

Best Sports Podcast!

I mean, not if you’re really serious about sports but it’s hilarious!

Best for sports

And for updates on ari’s a$$hole. 5 stars

The best

One of the greatest comedy podcasts out. Sam Tripoli and jayson thibault are some of the funniest out there and have to thank the Danish and O’Neill for bringing me to this podcast would’ve never known. Great stuff!!

Teeb Raped Me

It must be true. He took me to Muncie on Ball State’s campus and told me to call him the Testical Technician.

Sams gay

Sams gay


yo yo yo farts fasho

Sam Tripoli is Fat

I look forward to the podcast every week. Proud Patreon supporter. Teeb and Ari are the best, and when Sam rants he's ok sometimes. Thanks for the years of entertainment.

Sam is the best

Best podcast


Fight fanny sounds like an ex gf of mine. Great content Good sponsers Funny Foolish Perfect


I’ve never been so disgusted and laughed so hard at the same time. Best show ever.

Kitty litter addicts anonymous

Love you guys. All of you are hilarious but Red State Teeb really kills me. I miss the celebrity call-ins. Love, Female listener in Cincinnati and recovering kitty litter addict

Great show, gave up ESPN bc of it

Can’t wait for Tripoli to have to do the reverse Kobayashi. #goBills!!


The best comedy sports podcast in the world!!


This podcast got me into podcasts, have been listening for over 2 years. Excited every week to listen.

Punch drunk!

Love you guys! Throughout the years you guys have maintained a hilarious show! Miss the call in from gsp! Hopefully one day we can make it viable for you guys to add multiple shows during the

Awesome show

These guys should be a lot more famous

Ari's new belt

One question, where can I buy ari's sweet new belt! Much love guys!

I'm a fan

Just started listening this week but the podcast is a perfect mix of sports and shenanigans! Good stuff, good stuff!


You really get the sense that all the hosts on the show are just barely clinging onto their sanity. Except Fight Nanny.



its great!

Ari Shaffir and Jayson Thibault are hilarious comedic geniuses!!! Once in a while this Sam guy gets mad and can be sorta funny as well.


Armenian alcy jew

This brother!

5% sports talk and 95% gibberish and loving it!


Love the pod. My favs are teeben a smith. Red state teeb. Why would I lie. Danish & oneill and DT are the best guests.


Sports show


I listen to this show for teeb. "Nice white quarterback" and teeben A Smith. GSP calling in is great every time all the time. If you like pure raunch and quit wit mixed in with some racism and anti semitism (coming from a Jew mostly) hit play on the first episode and laugh till you drop.

Funny as hell!

Sports and comedy! Perfect combo! My favorite of about 40 podcasts that I listen to on a regualr basis!

Love it

Love Punch Drunk! Especially since Ari is gone! More Nanny

Best sports podcast!

Great podcast lots of laughs!


Great show! I hate sports but LOVE this podcast. If that doesn't tell you something then you're an idiot.


Everyone is giving 110%

JJ Redick is bi

I met a dude at a bar in DC who swears he had sex with JJ Redick and showed me a picture of them together.

Always funny

Sometimes gay Jesus, sometimes sports, always entertaining.

Best Podcast Ever

Three of my favorite comedians, and some girl who needs her mic cut. -Agent Butterstick

Pure entertainment

It's sports, debauchery, and lunacy all rolled into one podcast...and it is beautiful

Every podcast Tripoli touches is gold

But somehow he manages to be the worst part of all of them.. Keep it up fellas

Sam. Ugh...

Love the show. Think I've listened to every ep. Sam is insufferable.

Love it!

"The Teeb" is my favorite!

Perfect Sportstalk

These loveable idiots are incredible together. Teeb has been on fire the last 6 months and its elevating the show.

Instant download every week!

Best mix of comedy, sports and bets in a bag. Jayson you're the man.

Even better on Youtube

Found them on youtube on the All Things Comedy channel, their old channel has some great episodes as well.


This podcast is good, and the podcast “Danish and O’neill” is great too

Love the show BUT

Can you guys put the show across all platforms?


This pod cast is as lively as a firecracker in a cheeseburger

Favorite podcast most of the time

Teeb is the man! Keep your chin up. Sam and Ari should go ahead and have sex.


Love these guys, and Redstate teeb is the best.

I love you fight nanny

Killer podcast. Great original content week to week, and some sports too.

Funny funny funny

Like I said funny.

Funny and informative podcast

When you had Theo on and you told him to look at Ari's new belt and then he text his sponsor I literally laughed out loud at work. Great stuff guys keep up the great work all three of you!! I am a die hard hockey fan so I'm hoping for a little more hockey talk. But to be honest the show is excelle…


Always funny! 209 for life!

Punch Drunk

The best place to go for belt fashion. Ari's belts are the best. Can't wait to hear about the fight nanny's dick pics!

Not Really a Sports Podcast but Kind of

Jason Teeb is hilarious on this show. Great cast of comedians.

Fight Nanny 5000

Love this PodCast! Only gotten better since the Nanny joined the team