The Fitness Zone with Chris Ownbey and Tyson Faifer

Certified personal trainer for over 30 years.

Fitness has always been Chris’s passion.

His history includes success as a state powerlifting champion, bodybuilder, a mixed martial arts competitor and golfer.

Chris’s success comes from his big heart and the desire to help and empower others.

Now in his 50’s. Chris coach’s men and women 40+ years of age to get fit and healthy in a private studio in North Dallas with our 30- minute HICT workout system.

The Fitness Zone


Chris Ownby

Chris Ownbey

Personal Accomplishments include:

• Ranked in the top 20 Trainers in Dallas by City Voter

• State Powerlifting Champion

• Mr. Metroplex Bodybuilding

• Competitive Mixed Martial Arts

• Avid Golfer Certifications include:

• National Academy of Sports Medicine

• American Council on Exercise

• National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association

• Titleist Performance Institute, Levels 1&2. Books wrote:

• How to peak for your club championship

• Increase your flexibility at 50

• L.I.F.E- Live, Inspire, full fill, Evolve

• Golf Fitness Caddie

• Turn Back the Clock

Tyson Faifer

Tyson Faifer

Tyson Faifer is best known as the first comedian to ever compete on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior and you may recognize his face from your favorite reality dating shows… most recently on ABC’s The Proposal. His first comedy special was recorded in 2017 for Ride TV and can be seen by tens of people who actually have that channel. Tyson has worked in fitness for almost two decades. Everything from personal training, modeling, children’s fitness, and ninja training. Tyson is an avid mountain biker and competes in OCR events. Now at 40 years old Tyson has a new perspective on fitness and always has an interesting point of view. Catch him on the trail or a comedy club near you. In the meantime, you can still find him on reruns of WeTv’s Million Dollar Matchmaker, Fox’s Love Connection, The Steve Harvey Show, Ford Mustang Speed Dating Viral Video, Judge Hatchett, and SoulPancake’s Date My Dog.


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1/22/2021 – The Fitness Zone – Trailer

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