Who Is Rick?

Unmistakable in his red hat, Rick Achberger attends 40 to 50 WWE shows a year. He is known to the WWE Universe as either ‘Sign Guy’ or ‘Red Hat Guy’. He wears the same red hat and blue shirt to every WWE event he attends and always has a few witty signs with him. In the past he had signs which read “Pales in comparison to HHH” in reference to Sheamus, “This Sign weighs more than (Michelle) McCool” and even brought a stuffed chicken to an event with the sign “Vince Likes Me.” Rick has been spotted with around 15-20 signs at each event. Sign Guy has appeared on WWE television in the ring as part of Daniel Bryan’s Yes movement and also won $106,000 on America’s Deal or No Deal. Achberger chose box 23 as his own as it was the number of that year’s WrestleMania and would lose the $1,000,000 after receiving some abuse from the crowd who were holding anti-Achberger signs. When host Howie Mandel asked who they were Achberger replied, “Two of the biggest crybabies in WWE — that is Edge and Randy Orton.” Just as the then Raw duo entered the Deal or No Deal stage to taunt Achberger, behind the briefcase-toting models appeared WWE Champion John Cena and ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley who would taunt Rated RKO for the remainder of the show. WWE has run features about Rick in their magazine and on their website. He is WWE’s most famous fan until someone outdoes him.

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Rick “The Sign Guy” Achberger

Rick Achberger
Red hat, blue workman shirt. Holds up signs and acts like an idiot at professional wrestling events. Wrestling fan who appears frequently on-camera at wrestling shows. Known for wearing the same red hat and blue shirt in every appearance. “I wear this same red hat and blue shirt so [the Superstars] know ‘Oh, it’s that moron Sign Guy again.’ They come over, they rip signs up, they dump water on me. It’s a blast. It’s an adrenaline rush. I’m just obsessed with it, man!”


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