What’s On Eli’s Mind?

Eli is an interesting nugget! 5th out of 6 children, Eli always has an interesting take on the things and people that surround him, as well as his family and siblings.

Eli’s random observations have long amused us and we decided it was time to share with the world! We hope you enjoy! Please follow us and contact us on Twitter at @WhatsOnElisMind


Eli Hamm

Eli Hamm

Eli Hamm

Eli is 12 years old (pushing 13) and lives at home with his dad and 3 other siblings, his brothers Zach (19), Ryder (14), and Parker (10). He currently resides in Little Elm, TX and home schools along with his brothers. That means there’s lots of time for reflection. His favorite things are cooking, game consoles and video games, as well as helping dad around the house whenever and however he can.

New Episode! Ep05: Eli's Falcon and the Winter Soldier Recap | Moving Sucks When You're 12 | Eli Invents A New Hamburger

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New Episode! "Weird 'Toy Story' Theories" out NOW!

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